Trout is a Gateway 486-66 with 16 megs of ram, a speedy 1 gig drive (devoted entirely to Linux, which, as far as I'm concerned, is the only way), a true color card with 2 megs of video ram... um... a programmable Gateway keyboard... um... a big case... uh... a mouse pad... er... oh, a mouse... and, and the mouse pad changes color when you touch it... uh... a sound blaster 16ASP... ummm... oh, a monitor, I think... yeah, definitely a monitor, it's around here somewhere...

Being a Gateway by heritage, Trout was, shall we say, imaginative when it came to errors in DOS. It wouldn't let me run certain programs that used keyboard interrupt 9, or such frivolous programs as Doom. Doom ran, but always found the most dramatic moments to lock up. Admittedly, it gave me some great still-frames to stare at as I reached toward the reset button. Since then I've moved to Linux, though, and I leave the machine on 24 hours a day with no fear of it locking up. Linux is amazing.

Other random information about Trout (which I'll make up as I type it):

Favorite color : DarkSlateGray (47 red, 79 green, 79 blue)
Favorite musical group : Anybody who eats stuff onstage
Middle name : Yuric (alas)
Most embarrasing moment : Caught in the ladies room
Favorite phase : Gas
Most common denominator : 17
Best-known quote : "Don't look at me, I'm in protected mode!"

NOTE: This page is adapted from a message originally sent to Darren Mauro.

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