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* WebMorse - Interactive audio foolishness
* Fortune Gateway - Wisdom of the ages, WWW style!
* The Quartet Page - The splendor of MIME : a sight and sound experience
* The UPS Song - A song about a debugger?!?!
* The Trout Gallery - Pictures from here and abroad
* Finger Gateway - Finger from the safety of your web browser
* Trout Bio - Get to know your server
* Comments/Questions - Suggestions? Gripes? Here's your chance!

Favorite Links

* Yahoo - An immense, searchable index of the Web (thousands of links, by category)
* Rob's Multimedia Lab - pictures, sounds, animations...
* The World Wide Web Worm - to search the web
* The acclaimed Led Zeppelin Home Page by Roberto DeFeo
The visually stunning Gendarme Home Page by Kevin Beaulieu
* Webster's Dictionary (frighteningly hyperlinked)
* USG Weather Maps and Movies
* Interactive Weather Browser (amazing)
* Xerox PARC Map Viewer (an image map experience)



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